Blockchain Association

Crypto. Here For Good.

The Blockchain Association tasked us to “educate Congress about Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain.” 

We launched a campaign called “Crypto. Here For Good”, and produced a series of short animated videos, using LinkedIn targeting to reach those working on Capitol Hill. The videos ranged from “5 Things to Tell Your Boss about Crypto” to a video breaking down why Crypto is truly, Here for Good.

This campaign led to us securing a proposal by Senator Wyden, Senator Lummis, and Senator Toomey to amend the upcoming Infrastructure Bill, which was targeting Cryptocurrencies. 

To ensure there would be enough votes to pass the amendment, we launched a campaign takeover of the Washington Post homepage, leading to our content being viewed by over 1.3 million people, including lawmakers and staffers in Washington D.C. On the day of the takeover we saw 6 Senators publicly tweet their support for our campaign, and the Wall Street Journal gave credit our “slick” campaign video.